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Shocking new book: “Who Murdered Elvis?”

In "Who Murdered Elvis?" Stephen B. Ubaney combs through a mountain of research to arrive at this conclusion: Elvis Presley was murdered by the Mob or FBI and a government cover-up ensued.

            There have been numerous claims of Elvis sightings and unsubstantiated assertions that the “King” of rock ‘n’ roll is living incognito during his waning years on a remote island somewhere to escape the mental and physical exertion of super stardom.
Ah…but there is another theory – one that a New York-based author says is unequivocally true: Elvis Aaron Presley was murdered by the Mob (Mafia) or the FBI. In a 116-page book titled “Who Murdered Elvis?” Stephen B. Ubaney claims the entertainer was murdered and that a cover-up ensued. He arrived at this conclusion after spending years investigating Elvis’ death.
Stephen Ubaney visiting Graceland with his family in 1979.
            “This is the only book ever published that explains why, how and who murdered Elvis Presley,” said Ubaney. The book costs $17.99 and will be available Aug. 15 at The Booksellers at Laurelwood Memphis. The information within debunks many of those decades-old myths, Ubaney said. 
For the tens of thousands of Elvis fans around the world who’re looking for new material or a keepsake, they will relish “Who Murdered Elvis?” while celebrating the singer’s 35th anniversary of his death here in Memphis during the week of Aug. 10-18. It’s an intriguing book that links Elvis’ death to a government cover up.
“History will be rewritten with my book,” said Ubaney, noting that the book is a definitive account of what really happened to Elvis. “The cold case will be solved and a murderer will be found. ‘Who Murdered Elvis?’ launches the full criminal investigation that was ignored in 1977 by all levels of government.”
            The answers to Elvis’s death lie within the book and reveal a startling new “truth” that Ubaney claims he’s uncovered. “All of the witnesses who found the body told different stories from where the body was found to when the 911 call was placed and the sequence of events of Elvis’ final hours,” he said.
Elvis Presley's gravesite.
            Two years after Elvis’ death, ABC News Geraldo Rivera spoke frankly about the death of Memphis’ favorite son and the city’s supposedly lackluster investigation into his death. “It seems almost as if the city of Memphis itself does not care to know the truth about the death of its most famous citizen,” Rivera said unabashedly.     
The biggest tragedy in the world is that somebody actually murdered Elvis and got away with it, Ubaney opines. “To look at Elvis’ death singularly is to ignore many obvious facts,” he said. “The cover-up and the double talk hold shocking parallels to the deaths of Sonny Liston, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King Jr., and even JFK.” 
The Mob or FBI – or both – murdered Elvis, the author contends. It was definitely a homicide, he said as a matter-of-fact, and that “we are finally getting down to what really happened.”
It may be a surprise to some Elvis fans, but there is a 663-page FBI file on the singer. While searching for clues to Elvis’ death, Ubaney said he read the entire file. He said he discovered after Elvis’ death that an investigator’s car was broken into outside his apartment and that all of his notes and photos of the Presley death scene were stolen.
Ubaney noted as well that Vernon Presley, Elvis’ father, announced immediately that his famous son had been murdered. Despite all of Vernon Presley’s influence, no government agency would ever grant an investigation, he said.
“There was no coroner’s inquest and no DA investigation. They ignored all normal protocols of a suspicious death. Within hours, death scene photos were stolen, body fluids were discarded prior to an autopsy, and the death scene was mysteriously sanitized.”
“Who Murdered Elvis?” is a good read that warrants a second look into Elvis’ shocking death.

Public awareness…
            “The author’s quest to find the truth about Elvis’ death is intriguing,” said Patricia A. Rogers, president and CEO of Patricia A. Rogers Public Relations in Memphis. “Stephen B. Ubaney has separated fact from fiction in the book after several years of intense research.”
The agency is handling the advertising and public relations campaign for the book during the 35th anniversary of Elvis’ death. Over 75,000 fans are expected in Memphis during the week of Aug. 10-18 from around the world.
A campaign is being launched to bring public awareness about the book. Thousands of handbills will be distributed; radio ads will be aired; television interviews have been scheduled, and the author will make high-profile appearances throughout “Elvis Week” promoting the book at various venues.                                             
“The book could become a bestseller,” Rogers believes. “It definitely has potential. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity to get a response from Elvis’ fans and tourists from around the world.”
Call 901.683.9801 to purchase “Who Murdered Elvis?” All major credit cards are accepted. For more information, contact Patricia A. Rogers at or call 901.355.9009.

About Stephen B. Ubaney…

Author Stephen B. Ubaney
Author Stephen B. Ubaney, a native of Fredonia, New York, was born in the mid 1960s to parents who idolized Elvis Presley. He was indoctrinated when the singer was a household name and a worldwide obsession and spent years afterward researching his life and times.
His mother’s interest in the rock ‘n’ roll icon had an everlasting impact on young Stephen. He remembers her reading every book, magazine and newspaper article on Elvis. He would eventually read those same articles and listen to his mother’s collection of Elvis records.
By the time he was 15, Ubaney had learned more about Elvis than most people learned in a lifetime. After Elvis’ death in 1977, for example, he’d already developed keen insight into the key players and facts surrounding Elvis’ death.
A defining moment for Ubaney came in 1979 when he and his family visited Graceland’s “Meditation Gardens.” He met Elvis’ uncle, Vester Presley, and remembers wearing an official “Elvis on Tour” jacket while standing stoically watching a crowd file pass Elvis’ grave. 
Even though the photo opportunity with Vester Presley and the conversation they had were very casual, it had a long lasting effect on Ubaney. Years later while watching interviews about Elvis’ death, he reflected on the conversation with Elvis’ uncle, which inspired him to search for the truth. 
Ubaney initially had no interest in becoming a researcher or the author of “Who Murdered Elvis?” But his fact-finding ability and natural inquisitive nature started him on a quest to search for the truth. The conclusion he arrived at is startling to say the least.
The day Ubaney met Elvis’ uncle was the beginning of his journey and the eventual rewriting of history. 

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