Saturday, November 6, 2010

Herbalist: Hundreds of thousands of people will die

    Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and particularly here in America, are dropping dead, a local herbalist contends, all because of a deadly cocktail mixture consumed often at the kitchen table: fat, cholesterol and calcium.
    “I guess you could say, ‘Who’s coming to dinner?’” said Frank A. Taylor Jr., better known as "Franco," a master herbalist and international health educator speaking to a health-conscious group on Day 4 (Nov. 2) of a five-day workshop called Health Revival at Breath of Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church (BOL), 5665 Knight Arnold Rd.
    “If you got a lot of fat in your body, it pulls the calcium to help digest it. When the two (fat and calcium) come together chemically, they clog your system and form a glue-like substance (cholesterol), which prevents oxygen and blood from getting to your brain, heart and other parts of the body.”
    The medical term for this deadly concoction is called atherosclerotic plaque, said Taylor, who doesn’t claim to be a medical doctor or an authority on medicine. Instead, he bases his findings on 31 years of thorough research and the ongoing study of alternative medicine.
    He did study premed, though, for two years at Maryville College in Maryville, Tenn., and left there to study premed at Charlotte North Carolina Community College in the evenings while working a full-time job. He stayed there as well for two years and then changed course.

Sickness and death: Two deciding factors...

    Taylor’s father, Frank A. Taylor Sr., had suffered a debilitating stroke and languished in grave health at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, despite the hospital’s worldwide reputation for cardiovascular breakthroughs. He died in 1972 at the age of 52 when Taylor was 22 years old, just a few years into adulthood.
    “He was muscular, well built and strong, a construction worker. Something wasn’t right. The top cardiovascular clinic in the world couldn’t keep him alive. So I turned against medicine and started studying alternative medicine,” he said. 
   Taylor then dove straightway into the books at sanatoriums in Eastern Tennessee and Kentucky and absorbed the knowledge that he needed to move expeditiously into alternative medicine.
    “I saw people get well (at the sanatoriums). I knew this was the right track for me,” said the 60-year-old teacher, consultant and proprietor of herbal products at Right Stuff Health Systems, 3145 Hickory Hill Rd, in the Hickory Hill community.
   Since then Taylor maintains he’s worked with more than 11,000 people who sought his expertise in alternative medicine, which, he adds, includes switching, or moderating, the consumption of animal products for a more healthier diet of grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables.
    Taylor’s 81-year-old mother, Geraldine L. Taylor, is a cancer survivor. He doesn’t take credit for her longevity, but says nonetheless that a good healthy diet helps to slow down such diseases.
    “You got to change your diet. You got to stop complaining about being sick and stop blaming God because of your choices,” Taylor told the group. “If you eat basically animal products, that’s unassisted suicide.”

A living testimony...

    Rev. Hosea Wright, pastor of Zion Hill Church in Senatobia, Miss., has been singing Taylor’s praises. He heaped more on Taylor Tuesday night after Taylor had worked with him over a period of time to get his blood pressure under control.
    “I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 39. My cholesterol was high. My liver was sluggish and I would wake up tired,” said Wright, whose cousin died of cancer at 40. Wright was overweight and didn’t want to follow her to the grave.
    “We got to eat to live and not live to eat. I've never seen so much eating until I joined the church,” said Taylor, a strict vegetarian who equates a healthy diet with the Bible’s prescription for good health.
    To those who denounce the benefits of a meatless diet and the healing properties of herbs, Taylor turns to the Bible: “Scripture tells us in Ezekiel 47-12 that the fruit of the tree shall be your meat and the leaves thereof shall be your medicine.”
    Taylor’s message is on point and Bible-based, said BOL Pastor Nelson Stokes. “He’s trying to help us pull the physical health together so that it covers the whole man. If my health is out of line, then my emotions are going to be out of line, my spirituality is going to be out of line...”
    You can’t worship God if you’re sick, he said.

   (For more information, contact Franco Taylor at 901-859-7344, by email at, or visit his Web site at

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